Outsmart Escape Rooms - South Bend, Indiana

Yes, we have an Escape Room! In fact, we NOW have TWO!
The latest craze in immersive entertainment has come to the Michiana area! Whether you are looking for a memorable night out with family, an evening adventure with friends or a team-building experience with colleagues, look no further than Outsmart Escapes.
Assemble your winning team as you work together to discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks before the clock runs out! Do you have what it takes to Outsmart South Bend!?!

 "Studebaker Scandal" (4-12 players)
Step back into 1933, when even the iconic George and Ada Studebaker are not immune from the effects of the Great Depression. It looks inevitable that they will be forced to surrender their beloved Tippecanoe Place mansion to foreclosure. In an attempt to recoup his fortune, George Studebaker has threatened to sell the blueprints of a new, economical automobile series to his leading competitor. Albert Erskine, president of the Studebaker Corporation, has hired your elite team of experienced criminals to retrieve the automobile blueprints which he believes George has hidden in his estate. Those blueprints in the wrong hands could mean the end for the Studebaker Corporation. It's up to you...Do you have what it takes to save the blueprints and the Studebaker Corporation before it's too late?

"Hunt for the Holy Grail" (4-10 players)
Leonardo DaVinci's contributions to art and science are well known, but he also played a major role in a secret society that existed solely to protect the Holy Grail! These dedicated individuals went to great lengths to hide this treasured artifact and created a myriad of  challenges to thwart the endeavors of unwelcome hunters. All of the legends of the power of the Grail are true, but it is no longer safe in its current location. In the wrong hands, the Grail could prove disastrous. It's up to you...to solve the puzzles set up to keep away unworthy seekers and find the it before the nefarious Grail Hunters arrive.

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